7 steps to SWEET SUCCESS 

Fundraising should never be a bore! Fold a Cupcakes 4 a Cure celebration into the mix of your activities. Follow our recipe* for success. 


Pick a date during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to host your Cupcakes 4 a Cure event. However, those bite-sized delights are great any time of year, so bake any day it suits you. Mark it on your calendar, put it in your dearests’ diaries, declare a diet amnesty and register your event now!


Where will you hold your Cupcakes 4 a Cure celebration? Home, school, work-place, or what about the local club? Check with the venue owner that they’d be happy for you to use their space for this activity on your chosen day. While you’re at it, see if they’ll help you promote your event by sharing the details in a newsletter or on social media.


Prepare for the no-shows and the people that turn up without dough on your day by creating a fundraising page and sharing the link with friends, family and colleagues to donate online. Your page will be a great forum to tell people why you’ve chosen to support The Kids’ Cancer Project and share taste bud tantalising updates to encourage even your farthest flung friends to get behind you – virtual cupcake anyone?


It’s time to spread the word. Your cupcakes might be as heavenly as Hay’s, as blissful as Berry’s, as stylish as Stewart’s or as zany as Zumbo’s, but it won’t matter if no-one knows where they can buy one. Download artwork to create posters, invitations and more. Create an online fundraising page and jump on social media to share that you care #Cupcakes4aCure. Be proud to tell the world about your work for The Kids’ Cancer Project. We’re proud of you!


By now you’ll be searching for recipes and trawling Pinterest for inspiration. Pick your flavours and theming well in advance so you can focus on the task at hand when it comes to bake day. You might even enlist a pattypan posse to help source ingredients, cook and decorate with you. The more cupcakes you have, the more donations you’ll receive which will lead to more research being funded by The Kids’ Cancer Project to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancers. It’s not a pipe dream, you can really bake a difference!


The best way to top off your Cupcakes 4 a Cure day is to say thank you. Show your appreciation for all your helpers, taste testers, supporters and distant donors. You can actually thank people as soon as they donate via your online fundraising page.


The money raised on your online fundraising page goes directly to The Kids’ Cancer Project, but any donations you’ve collected on the day will need to be added to your fundraising page, or banked directly into The Kids Cancer Project account. We’ll email you all the details closer to the time, or check out our FAQs for more information.

Phew. You did it! Thank you. Every donation adds up to funding more research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for kids’ cancer. One person can make a difference. You can take that to the bank!

* Warning: this post contains puns and traces of nut.